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Gathering of Minds and Working Together

Team leader is the leader of the team, the direct leader and organizer of the production and operation activities of the team, the core and soul of the team, and the bridge of communication between the management and the staff.

In order to further promote the teamwork consciousness of the team leader and improve the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, on May 20, 2023, the company organized the team leader to go to Beilun Dingjia Mountain Expansion Base to carry out a one-day expansion training. Partners in the unity and ease of the game to comprehend the unity of team consciousness, thinking about how to lead a more combat team. Through the pleasant form of the game, each partner’s thinking and heart, to enhance the cohesion of the team plays a very good role.



In this reunion, many of our partners are participating in outreach training for the first time.



The power of one person is limited.

 The power of a group of people is unlimited.

 That’s why we have formed 2 teams to fight PK.


Dao Dao Squad


elite squad

This is a team-based challenge that challenges our ability to think outside the box and work in an organized team.



Project 1: Sheep herding



People are discussing the rules of the game.



Second project: Circle of Excellence



The team has its own division of labor, but each participant has a stake in the outcome and the final result.

A mistake in any process can result in an extension of the "time" and the team’s achievement will be lost.

The losing team is penalized.



Third program: Rapid 60 seconds   



Within the time limit, you need to rely on teamwork and wisdom to transport the "treasure chest" to a safe area.

This is an era of win-win cooperation and resource sharing. Everyone has their own advantages, we complement each other’s strengths, win-win cooperation, common advance and retreat.


Fourth project: Challenge 120





This program focuses on teamwork to pass on information for the same goal and then assist in completing the task.

This activity was successfully completed in everyone’s laughter.

Although this expansion training is just one day, but let everyone know what is the team, what is communication and collaboration, and know how to unite and cooperate, mutual incentives ...... 

Looking forward to small partners in the next shift management to make a better example, to achieve better performance.

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