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Specializing in magnesium alloys
Development, design and production of aluminum alloy die castings


Established (Year)

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NINGBOSINYUANZMTECHNOLOGYCo.,ltd. was established in 2003, is a national high-tech enterprise, and has passed the Ningbo enterprise engineering technology center qualification and Zhejiang high-tech enterprise research and development center qualification.
The company specializes in the development, design and production of magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy die casting. Our services cover from product optimization design, mold manufacturing, die-casting production, CNC finishing, product surface coating and assembly.
The company is committed to the application and promotion of magnesium alloy die casting in the body structure parts, interior parts and other aspects of lightweight, such as lamp cooling frame, seat armrest skeleton, sub-instrument panel skeleton, steering bracket, car display back plate and other products, to provide more customers with better quality of magnesium alloy die casting solutions.


Professional die casting for 18 years


The sales network covers most of the automobile manufacturing countries such as Asia, America, Europe, etc.


Global brand cooperation



Historical Development (year)



Patent certificate



Number of registered employees (person)

Company culture

Business philosophy

Beyond yourself, pursue Zhuomei

Enterprise spirit

Unity, practice and efficiency

Employing concept

Position first, ability second, no virtue and talent will never use

To become the leader in magnesium alloy lightweight field


We are committed to becoming a leader in lightweight application of magnesium alloy die castings and semi-solid molding solutions, promoting the development of the industry and advancing the times.

Cast magnesium world, make light life


With excellent technology and perfect quality, we cast magnesium alloy products and apply them in scale to the lightweight field all over the world; with excellent team and perfect management, we cast dreams and create happiness for our staff to live a good and easy life.

Unity, integrity, learning, innovation


Unity: Xingyuan's success needs to work together as a team, we emphasize collaboration and communication, and oppose negative energy and words and actions that undermine unity.


Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of business, compliance with laws and ethical norms, sincere treatment of shareholders and employees, honest treatment of the company.


Learning: Learning is the driving force of employee growth and enterprise development, continuous learning, improve themselves, for the post, for the enterprise to play talent.


Innovation: Innovation is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the soul of enterprise development, and the inner driving force of our growth and success.


Quality first principle

We are an IATF 16949 registered company and systematically follow these principles in all production processes, and even beyond the IATF standard, The Quality First philosophy is adopted in all activities within the company, between customers and suppliers. We place Quality First as a company culture in all company actions, a culture that is fully implemented with the support of the IATF system as a guiding philosophy. We expect to meet and exceed all your quality expectations.


Moulds and fixtures

Annual production of all kinds of die casting die/cutting die/fixture more than 200 sets

Die casting 300 ton-2500 ton

Magnesium alloy/aluminum alloy


3 axis/4 axis/5 axis, including horizontal machining


High-tech enterprises

Enterprise Engineering Technology Center

ISO 14001





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