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Xingyuan’s mold design and manufacturing capabilities have always occupied the leading level in the industry, and can design and manufacture die-casting molds of more than 2500 tons by itself. Pave the way for new product development through early product planning and production process control.

According to the product structure and the project life cycle, we select the most suitable mold material to ensure that each material comes from the original factory and undergoes the original factory heat treatment process to ensure the hardness of the steel and increase the life of the mold. We manufacture die-casting molds and matching trimming molds ranging from 300ton to 3000ton. With a strong mold design team and first-class processing equipment as the guarantee, we will provide you with the most reliable and cost-effective die-casting molds.


• Sweden ASSAB
• Germany Groditz

Major equipment

Describe Brand Quantity
High-speed CNC machining center DMG / MAKINO 3
Deep hole processing machine WIM 1
CNC machining center Kafo 5
Wire cutting SSG 6
Electric spark DAEHAN 6

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